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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most important elements in the graduate school application. You cannot change your class Grades or GRE/TOEFL score; recommendation letters are not in your hand so SOP will be your last opportunity to add value to your application. Therefore, you should do proper research while writing your SOP. Try to make it precise and it should not be a story. And remember, SOP SHOULD NOT BE A REPLICATION OF YOUR RESUME.
Some tips about SOP writing
First of all, go through the application page of that particular university about their requirement of SOP, there may be world limitation or they may explain to you what they actually want in the SOP. If the instruction is there follow that. Other points to follow

  1. Give an introduction about your subjects
  2. Explain the practical application of your subjects
  3. Show them why this subject is so important in the present days and will be in the future
  4. Check out the requirement of that program and explain to them how your profile suits their requirement
  5. Co-relate your experience including your educational and professional experience and with that particular subject/program
  6. Explain your future career aspects after completing this program
  7. Explain to them how this program will help you in your future career development
  8. Explain to them why you have chosen this program
  9. Explain to them why you have chosen this particular program in that particular university
  10. You may also explain why you have selected this program in that particular country/place

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