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Study in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students for abroad study. Whether it's a car or education, “Made in Germany” is the Brand of the Best Quality in the entire world.
Why study in Germany?
1) Home of the World-Renowned Universities- Germany is the home of some of the world-renowned Universities like LMU MunichHeidelberg UniversityTechnical University of MunichHumboldt University of Berlin, and the Free University of Berlin.

2) Land World Famous Companies - Some of the World famous companies like Volkswagen GroupSiemensBayerSAP, and BMW Group, are from Germany. There is a good chance for international students to get jobs and settle here. 

3) Low or No Tuition Fees - Most German Universities get funding from the Government, which is why no tuition fees are charged for undergraduate degrees at Public Universities.  Master's degree programs normally have very low tuition fees compared to other countries.  

4) Availability of International Scholarships- There are several scholarships available for international students to carry out the cost while living and studying in Germany. Some of these are DAAD, The German Foundations Scholarship programs, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, Scholarships offered by The HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, etc. For upcoming German Scholarships, please visit our news section

5) Wide Ranges of Study Opportunities- This country’s almost 450 state-accredited University offers more than 17,500-degree programs for bachelor, master's, and Ph.D. students. German degrees are highly valued and well-accepted by an employee around the world. 

6) Chance of Permanent Residency - German Government allows International students to stay and search for a job for up to 18 months after completion of their study program. If you manage to grab a job within this time frame, there is a chance to stay permanently in a safe country with Europe’s most dynamic economy. 

7) Economic Superpower - According to Wikipedia, Germany has the largest national economy in Europe. It is ranked fourth in nominal GDP around the world (source, IMF). It is the fourth-highest exporter/importer in the world (source The World Factbook.

8) Best Place to Travel around Europe - Germany is situated in Central Europe. It is surrounded by nine countries i.e. Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Whether for business trips, study excursions, or simply a weekend trip, it will take just a few hours by train or flight to reach another country.

9) Opportunity to Learn German - German is one of the major languages in the world. According to Wikipedia, it is the first language of almost 95 million people worldwide. It is the third most widely taught foreign language in both the US and European Union, and the second most commonly used scientific language. Therefore, learning German in Germany will be beneficial for your future career.    

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