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Study in the United States

Why study in the USA-

The United States of America (USA) is the most preferred study-abroad destination for international students around the world. Some reasons behind this are

a) Top-Ranked Higher Education System - This country has the top-ranked higher education systems in the world with top-ranking Universities like California Institute of TechnologyStanford UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHarvard UniversityPrinceton University. 

b) World-Renowned Universities- According to Times Higher Education  2016-17 ranking, US universities rank very higher in the world education

1) 6 US Universities are ranked in the World's Top 10 Universities
2) 15 US universities are ranked in the World's Top 20 Universities 
3) 41 US universities are ranked in the World's Top 100 Universities. 


c) A Leader in Advanced Education - According to Social Progress Imperative, the US is the strongest on Access to advance education. 

d) Wide range of Educational Opportunities- At both undergraduate and graduate levels, the country United States offers thousands of courses in various disciplines through thousands of colleges and Universities for International Students. 

e) Cutting-edge Technology and Research - The United States is a country with the forefront of technology. Similarly, US Universities are the forerunner of cutting-edge research and techniques, with the best possible types of equipment and resources. As an international student, you will be exposed to these advanced technologies and research.

f) Opportunities for Research and Teaching Assistantship (RA/TA) - Mainly at the graduate level, students have the opportunities to avail research and teaching assistantship (RA/TA), this practical experiences will be useful for your future career and will give you in-depth insight in your field and finance your study. International students are preferable due to their new skills and ideas.

g) Financial Support - Most US universities offer students financial support in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, fee waivers, etc. to cope up with their university fees and daily expenses. Besides that, international students in the US can work up to 20 hours per week on or off-campus.

h) Employment prospects - US degrees are highly valued around the world. A student with a US degree gets preference to the employee throughout the world. 

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