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Business Planning-

After finalizing your business, you have to make a business plan, which will provide a brief description of your business.
The basic Business Plan contains-
I. Summary of your business which includes- 
A) Business Description
1. Business Name with style
2. Business Location
3. Product(s)
4. Market and Competition
5. Management Expertise

B) Business Definition, goals & Objective
C) Summary of Financial Needs, and application of funds
D) Earnings projections, and a potential return to investors

II. Market Analysis
A. Description of Total Market
B. Industry Trends
C. Target Market
D. Competition

III. Product or Service
A. Description of Product Line
B. Proprietary position- patents, copyrights, legal and technical considerations
C. Comparison to Competitor’s products, operations, facilities, quality

IV. Manufacturing Process (If applicable)
A. Materials
B. Source of Supply
C. Production Methods


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