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Import Export
Export- Import Management Consultancy
"Export or Perish"- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Export-Import is a lucrative business in new Millennium. Properly managed Export-Import business has huge potential to earn fame and money for individuals, organizations, and country. The major reasons to land into the Export-Import arena are 
• It brings Foreign Currency to our country
• It can strengthen political, social, and cultural ties between the countries
• It influences country’s economic growth
• It generates employment
• It increases sales potential focusing on wider market
• Company can increase brand image
• Company can hedge risk due to diverse foreign market
• It reduces dependencies on local market
• It delivers economies of scale and lowers unit costs
• It can stabilize production for season based products
• Company can maximize production capacity
• It gives opportunities to avail cheaper products
• Individuals, organizations get chance to avail products which are not available in the domestic market

The services we provide in the Export- Import field are-
1) Establishing Export-Import Business- 
Before starting your export-import business, you have to decide what kind of exporters you want to be. There are three kinds of exporters
1) Merchant Exporters- Buy from the manufacturers and sell it internationally
2) Manufacturer Exporters- Procure, process and export finished/semi-finished goods internationally
3) Service Exporters- Exports services like consultancy, software etc.
After deciding, you have to provide a name of your company, register it with government authority. Your company can be proprietorship, partnership, Public, or Private Company. Other formalities include sales tax registration, PAN number application, open a current account in a bank etc.  

2) Obtaining Importer Exporter Code (IEC) from the DGFT- 
IEC is the primary document for recognition of Government of India as an Exporter of Importer. This is a ten digit number granted by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under Ministry of Commerce and Industry to any bona fide person or company to carry out Import Export. It can be obtained from the zonal and regional offices of DGFT. On the basis of IEC, companies can get various facilities from the DGFT, customs, Export Promotion Councils etc. You have to apply online from the DGFT website and submit the required documents.

3) Registration with different Export Promotion Councils (EPC)
Export promotion councils are non-profit organizations registered under the companies act. The main objective of these organizations is to promote and develop export through several promotional activities i.e. trade fairs/exhibition, buyer/seller meets, publishing trade magazines with up to date data. It acts as an intermediary between Industry and Government.  EPC also project India’s image worldwide as a reliable supplier of quality goods and service. If you are a manufacturer exporter you have to have Registration cum Membership Certificates (RCMC) to claim benefits under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP). List of Export promotion councils are given below.

4) International Market Research- 
If you want to search you customers internationally you should have proper knowledge about International Market. You must have up to date Export-Import data of exported and imported items. 
According to DGFT, in 2016-2017 (April- May) (data collected on Aug, 2016) 
Our large experience will collect similar kind of data for your product to sell your product in the targeted market.
5) Export Documentation 
Export Documentation is the most important aspects in the Export-Import business. A clear understanding of all documents and their purpose, preparation, timely filing is must for this business. We need to maintain certain formalities and procedure. It also plays a vital role in international marketing for smooth movements of goods and payments. 
The documents required for international transaction can be classified into two groups
A) Commercial Documents
a) Commercial Invoice
b) Pro Forma invoice
c) Packing List
d) Certificate of Inspection
e) Insurance Policy
f) Bill of landing/Airway Bill/ Combines Transport Documents
g) Certificates of Origin
h) Bill of Exchange
i) Shipment Advice
j) Letter of Credit (LOC)

B) Regulatory Documents
a) Exchange control declaration form-GR Form
b) Freight payment certificate
c) Insurance premium certificate
d) ARE Forms
e) Shipping Bill
f) Port Trust copy of shipping bill
g) Receipt of payment of port charges
h) Vehicle Ticket
Our experienced consultant will help you to prepare documents accurately to facilitate you the movement of your goods and payments. 

6) Pricing Strategy in International Marketing- 
Export pricing is one of the most important things in International Marketing. It will help to maximize sales and profit, penetrate in the market, skim the cream, increase market share, develop brand loyalty, and face the completion etc. There are several factors affect in determining Export pricing, which include production cost, competition, customer’s culture, Government policies and incentives, inflation rate, foreign exchange rate, elasticity of demand, purchase frequency, product differentiation and brand image etc. Various pricing strategies used in the international marketing are
a) Skimming Pricing Strategy
b) Penetration Pricing Strategy
c) Transfer Pricing
d) Marginal Cost Pricing
e) Market Oriented Pricing
f) Competitor’s Pricing
As an Export-import consultant, we will completely review your firm’s position and suggest the best pricing strategies for your company.

7) Searching Buyers/Sellers Internationally
All manufacturers want to market its product worldwide but it is not easy to find genuine buyer internationally. With our vast experience on the International market, we will do it for you. There are several sources to find buyers and suppliers internationally. These include 
a. International Trade Fairs, and Exhibition data
b. B2B website
c. Trade Directories
d. EPC/commodity board website and its magazines
e. Chamber of Commerce of targeted countries
f. Taking references from the established buyers/sellers
g. Government Embassies
h. Appointing agent in target country
i. From friends and relatives
With our vast international contacts, we search buyers/suppliers for our esteemed clients. 

Important Links
a) Director General of Foreign Trade
b) Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20
c) FTP Procedures
d) Ayaat Niryaat Forms 
Export Promotional Councils 
Product Packaging
g) Major Trade blocks and country grouping
h) India’s Free Trade Agreement

List of Export Promotion Councils and Commodity Boards in India
1) Apparel Export Promotion Council 
2)Basic Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics (CHEMEXCIL)
3)Carpet Export Promotion Council
4)Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
5)Chemical and Allied Export Promotion Council of India (CAPEXIL )
6)The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
7)Council for Leather Exports
8)EEPC INDIA ( Formerly Engineering Export Promotion Council)
Electronics & Computer Software EPC 
Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
11)Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZ Units
12)Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)
13)The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
14)Handloom Export Promotion Council
15)Indian Oilseeds & Produce Export Promotion Council
16)The Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
17) Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council
Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council
19)The Plastics Export Promotion Council
20)Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council
21)Project Exports Promotion Council of India
22)Services Export Promotion Council
23)The Sports Goods Export Promotion Council
24)Shellac & Forest Products Export Promotion Council
25)Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council
26)Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council
27)Wool Industry Export Promotion Council
28)Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC)
29)Coffee Board
30)Coir Board
31)The Rubber Board
32)Spices Board
33)Tea Board
34)Tobacco Board
35)Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)
36)Marine Products Export Development Authority
37)Coconut Development Board

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