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1) I want to study abroad. What should I do?

Here are a few steps you should follow to fulfill your study abroad dream

1. First, decide your future program with a specialization

2. Decide any country preference

3. Do extensive research on the internet or take professional’s advice about colleges/Universities which are offering your program

4. Fix 5 (minimum) -10 (maximum) universities

5. Check the websites of Universities thoroughly about fees, admission requirements, admission deadlines, scholarships for international students, etc.

6. Prepare and take the standardized tests like GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS/PTE/SAT

7. Send score reports to the University during application

8. Write Statement of Purpose (SOP) properly

9. Take recommendation letters from your Professors or employee

10. Prepare your transcripts

11. Pay the application fee and apply to the program

12. If you are selected, apply for visa with your confirmation letter to the nearest consulate or Embassy

13. If your visa is granted book your flight ticket

14. Pack your luggage and enjoy your new journey

2) Why do you want to study abroad?

There are several advantages of Abroad Study. Some of these are
1) Availability of International Scholarships
2) Education with a different style
3) Career Opportunities around the Globe
4) Explore the World
5) Experience new cultures
6) Gain Global Mindset and become worldlier
7) Create a Global Network
8) Experience of the different education system, language, environment help future leaders to address urgent issues

3) How can I get scholarships in TU Delft to study masters?

There are several scholarships available in Tudelft for international students. Scholarships are offered by the department, University even by the Holland Government (Dutch ministry of education). Some of them are

Tu Delft Excellence Scholarship

Qutech Scholarship

Full bright scholarship

Holland Scholarship

So please do proper internet research or take any professional’s help.

4) Are there any scholarship programs for a master’s in mechanical engineering for foreign students in Australia?

There are several scholarships available for Mechanical Engineering Students from India in Australia, which are offered by the Australian Government, specific University or even specific department. I can mention some of those

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship- University of Melbourne

Dr. Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarship- University of Sydney

Monash International Merit Scholarship-Monash University

Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship- University of Technology Sydney

International Postgraduate Coursework Full Tuition Scholarship- University of Technology Sydney

International Merit Scholarship- University of South Australia

RMIT International Excellence Scholarship- RMIT University

You have to do extensive research on the internet to find out. You can also take professional help.

5) Can I get an Erasmus Mundus scholarship without any published research paper? What else can I do to make my profile strong to increase the chance of getting a scholarship?

Not only the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, but most of the good institutions will check the overall curriculum of the students. Maybe someone has a research publication, others may have good work experience related to that program, or somebody has a good GRE/TOEFL score. So the evaluation committee will give review your profile on several criteria. Some of these are

6) What is the difference between studying abroad and student exchange programs?

The student exchange program means you may spend one/two semesters in your present university’s partner university abroad or in your own country as an exchange student.

But study abroad means you are taking admission into a foreign university in a full-time program.

7) What is the best place to study abroad?

Best countries depend on Individual to individual. My suggestions is-

First, select a course according to your choice or future career preference

Search on the internet in which country or which Universities provide scholarships according to your preference

Check University’s rank on the various reputed organization's website

If all is well then go for it.

8) How can I get a scholarship for an MBA or MIM in a good and affordable college in Australia as an Indian student who is a fresher?

Well, did you take any standardized tests like GRE/GMAT/TOEFL, etc, In Australia, it is not mandatory to have a GRE/GMAT score for each University but good to have. Besides that, you should have a good GPA, Recommendation letters, SOP, Motivation letter, Research Interest, etc.

And finally, apply for the right scholarship at the right time according to your profile. You have to search on the internet properly or you can take Professional help.

9) Can I get a scholarship even if I had failing grades?

Scholarships do not depend only on your GPA. It accounts other things too, such as your work experience (if any), standardized test scores, recommendation letters, SOP/Motivation letter, Research Interest. So if you are good at other parts, only a low GPA will not be the deciding factor for getting a scholarship.

10) Is it really a high percentile GRE score sufficient for graduate admission?

No, the Graduate Admission committee will check other criteria too. These are your TOEFL/IELTS score, SOP, Motivation letter, letter of recommendations, work experience (if any), GPA, etc. But high percentile in GRE will increase the chance to get admission for sure.

11) I am graduating with an accounting degree but my interests lie in businesses and startup. What could I do?

Great !!

Entrepreneurs are the biggest assets in any country. If you have zeal then go for it. If you like the thrill to become an entrepreneur want to create something which will serve society and start your own venture.

There are lots of ups and downs in this journey and you have to take the calculative risk, endurance plays a big role here.

My suggestion is- continue your job until you articulate something, do some market research, discuss with your friends and relatives even take help from professionals too then go for it.


12) I want to study in the USA for better education and opportunities but the deficit of finance unable me to pursue. What should I do?

It is really great that you have big goals in mind, i.e study abroad.

Yes, the USA is the most preferred destination for Indian Students. Although, there are lots of scholarships available in the US, for that you need to have a good background like good academic credentials, Good GRE/TOEFL score, experience (if any), good recommendations, well-written SOP, etc because the competition is high enough. If you have those then go for it, don’t think anyways if you really want to study and settle over there. But Universities from UK, Australia, European countries offer several scholarships with less competition than the US, so you have a better chance to grab it.

My suggestion is don’t stick to the country but rather look on rank of the Universities.

The University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge are not from the US, but they are highly ranked as the world’s top institution.

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