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Marketing/Advertisement Guidance 

Advertising is a psychological process to make a customer buy or inclined to buy a product by giving a convincing reason, creating interests, arousing desires. Proper advertising helps us in several ways. Some of them are-

a) expand the market
b) reach to the new customers
c) announce a modification/special offer
d) announce a new product/ service/price
e) educate customers
f) attract investors
g) Attract//maintain/ get back lost sales

Several Media available in advertising are-
1) Print Media- Newspapers, Magazines, trade publications, Institutional publication, leaflets 
2) Electronic Media- Television, Radio
3) Outdoor Media- Posters, Hoardings, Neon Signs, Sky Advertising
4) Vehicular Media- posters in Trains, Buses, Taxi, Auto rickshaws
5) Specialty Media- T-shirts, caps, Stickers, Badges, etc
6) In shop media- Banners, Hanging posters, stickers 
7) Internet Media- Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, B2B or B2C websites, SEO, etc.      

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