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Export Documentation

Export Documentation is the most important aspect of the Export-Import business. A clear understanding of all documents and their purpose, preparation, timely filing is a must for this business. We need to maintain certain formalities and procedures. It also plays a vital role in international marketing for the smooth movements of goods and payments. 
The documents required for an international transaction can be classified into two groups
A) Commercial Documents
a) Commercial Invoice
b) Pro Forma invoice
c) Packing List
d) Certificate of Inspection
e) Insurance Policy
f) Bill of landing/Airway Bill/ Combines Transport Documents
g) Certificates of Origin
h) Bill of Exchange
i) Shipment Advice
j) Letter of Credit (LOC)

B) Regulatory Documents
a) Exchange control declaration form-GR Form
b) Freight payment certificate
c) Insurance premium certificate
d) ARE Forms
e) Shipping Bill
f) Port Trust copy of shipping bill
g) Receipt of payment of port charges
h) Vehicle Ticket

Our experienced consultant will help you to prepare documents accurately to facilitate the movement of your goods and payments. 

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